Unleashing ideas from academia to Market
A programme to involve and students to become future innovators and entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurship education is growing increasingly popular, with students drawing inspiration from startup founders and the Indian Startup Ecosystem. Collaboration and multi-disciplinary work are becoming more common, exposing more students to entrepreneurial activities and thinking. Companies like Google, Facebook, Reddit and Indian Startups such as Unacademy and Zepto (among the few) are started by either students or at university, this shows a huge opportunity for students to take entrepreneurship as a career choice. A student can take risk of trying his/her hand at entrepreneurship with resources provided by the college or by the government. These resources will act as a safety net for student who wants to take up entrepreneurship.

There is huge need for commercialisation of academic research. This need can be fulfilled by students who can lead the ideas from back of a notebook to all the way into the market.

To spur the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, CII CIES will launch a targeted program for all students to take up Entrepreneurship as a career choice. This program will enable Students to ideate, prototype, fail and pivot their idea with the best of resources from the Centre of Excellence and from Industry. This handholding program will enable students to take their first step into the world of entrepreneurship and make their idea into a tangible asset.